Aeronauts slot machine – new from Evoplay

Engrossed in the game Aeronauts, together with a moustached mechanic, you have to collect as many unique aircrafts and get the title of best pilot. Taking up the helm slot, you begin a journey through the most incredible lands, and the deck of the ship becomes your home. Slot machine is designed in the best traditions of steampunk: 3D graphics with animation, crazy effects an incredible number of fascinating characters. The game will be great fun for both beginners and experienced players.

Fancy in the Aeronauts is not only the design, but the prize options. The game allows you to enjoy multipliers, simultaneously replacing other characters with additional rewards for air airships, free spins with extrabonus and unique prize game!

The symbols of the slot machine Aeronauts

All of the characters, and the overall design of the game, in the style of steampunk. And that means the drums will appear bizarre flying machines, bicycles, compasses and other mechanical devices, composed of thousands of gears, which can be found only in science fiction works. Not every slot machine there is such a variety bonus symbols. This is the usual wild symbols and symbols that replace other icons on a specific reel and at the same time doubling the payoffs. The screen will also meet scatter the airship, immediately triggering 20 free spins, during which you can win multipliers or the next series of spins. And accumulated for the seven stars in the online slot Aeronauts is awarded an additional award.

Bonus game Aeronauts

In the bonus game Aeronauts, which takes place on a separate screen, is requested to go to flight high above the clouds. The higher the player climbs, the more generous will be prepared for a cash prize.

The gambling feature.

Even the popular mini-game to double the win in this model, completely decorated in an unusual way. This is another feasiblespine enjoy the breathtaking 3D design, and at the same time to test your intuition by guessing which side will fall a gold coin. In the case of a correct choice retry doubling the payouts can be up to five times in a row.

Aeronauts slot machine – new from Evoplay -