Slot machine Fellowship (Bratva)

Slot machine Tale immediately draws its unique theme, but should be on the alert because the drums turned harsh 90s, and the underworld never sleeps! It is in such troubled times, will bring fans of slots this game. Here criminals mingled with law enforcement officers, and prize-winning games allow you to commit daring robberies, and good to cash in on it! Slot machine perfectly embodies the atmosphere of the dashing 90's, that someone turned out to be indulgent, and with some cost not sweet. But players should not worry, because the main and best role in the online slot Tale will get for them!

How to play the slot machine Tale

Gold chains, black diplomats, gangsters and rich people, knives and guns and all the bright elements of the 90-ies collected on the screen of the slot machine Tale. Many of them will not just play good to win, because the video slot is not devoid of such qualities, as symbols of wild and scatter symbols. It is worth noting a custom game on risk, which, coupled with other additional features that makes the gameplay in dashing a profitable adventure.

How to play the bonus game

Some of the big wins of the slot machine Mobsters bring prize game. The undoubted advantage of this slot machine is the bonus rounds. They are all invariably associated with a criminal theme, as does the slot machine, and allow you to commit a robbery or to rummage in the leather purses in search of profit. For all these actions you can get large sum of money, the main thing to avoid handcuffs and run into the alarm. Kind of the bonus game will depend on the characters that ran it. As bonus characters in the online slot includes the symbols of the gangster and the thief.

How to play free Bratva

As was the original thematic content of the slot machine Guys, its management is practically no different from most of the available slots. And play for real the rates you just now. But even experienced players of slots prefer to use the demo mode to explore the machine, and only then learn the real game. Perhaps we should follow the example of the avid fans of gambling winnings, and play on online slot Tale free. In this mode, you can evaluate all the strengths and weaknesses of the game without any risky steps.

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