Slot machine Circus (Circus) online

Free slot machine Circus (Circus) – an inexhaustible source of cheerful feelings, joy, excitement and winning opportunities! Players get exclusive circus acts, amazing tricks and surprises that will fill with joy even the biggest pessimists! Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy a spectacular show, framed by gorgeous graphics and full of great bonus stuffing!

How to play the slot machine Circus

One has only to spin the reels on the slot machine Circus HD on the screen will unfold the whole idea. The most fascinating of the artistic rooms at this virtual circus performances by clowns and magicians. With every appearance of the game will be more interesting, as the clown is just two vertical cells and has the properties of a wild symbol and the magician is able to stretch to the full height of the screen and provide an excellent bonus!

How to get free Free Spins

Another pleasant surprise is inherent in the combination of three special characters, depicting a circus tent. Caught exactly this combination on the slot machine Circus? Get ready for 18 free spins, during of a hat magician may appear not as a rabbit, and a whole lot of bonus credits! To make this circus even more profitable, you can, armed with your intuition and taking part in the doubling round. Be brave, and luck itself will tell you the right move in this mini-game!

How to play free slot machine Circus

Slot the Circus is so impressive for its rich graphics and vivid like real characters that playing it for free, you can get almost the same pleasure as in real betting. Use the demo mode of the online slot as a pass in the unique atmosphere of circus performers and magicians, and in order to tune into a positive mood for a serious game.

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