Slot machine Columbus online

Although America has long been discovered by Christopher Columbus, today, anyone can go in his place in this incredible journey at the casino Admiral. Slot machine Columbus is a virtual ship which you can make a trip right now, collecting along the way prepared by the creators of slot bonuses!

How to play the slot machine Columbus

The launch of the five reels will mark the start of sea travel in the footsteps of the famous discoverer. Almost everything that will meet on the way, has good winning potential. It is an ancient crossbows, gold jewelry, and other images found on the reels. Columbus himself is endowed with an important property of the wild symbol, this means that the famous Navigator is able to replace almost any game character. And besides, Columbus has the largest payout ratio in the slot machine Columbus.

Bonuses slot machine Columbus

Many slot machines casino Admiral is equipped with the option of free spins, and Columbus is one of them. Regular spin can result in ten free spins, if one of the spins will be three pictures of a sailboat, known as scatter symbol. Such a bonus can not but rejoice, because your bet in free spins for players provides casino. To maximize all the advantages of this slot, try your luck in the mini-game available after each win. Successful its outcome will help to finish the spin with doubled credits.

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