Slot machine Epic Gladiators online

Slot machine Epic Gladiators is a unique combination of unusual structure of the game, the subject of fierce gladiatorial fights and elements of a simple fruit slots. Casino Admiral would definitely recommend to pay attention to this new product from What is, as fun cartoon design lies not just another slot, and a set of original bonuses!

How to play the slot machine Epic Gladiators

Gameplay Epic Gladiators built on the mechanism of the 7x7 symbols that follow each other, falling from the bottom up. From other slots on the topic of gladiators, this game features a very unusual and fun design: all characters are extraordinarily simple pictures, and the gladiators as if teleported on the screen from a children's cartoon. Among the clouds, swords, shields and other symbols you can see the bomb is the wild that helps to create additional winning combinations.

Bonuses of Epic Gladiators

As a bonus, the creators of Epic Gladiators came up with several interesting solutions. One of them is task is to kill all the enemies surrounding the Gladiator Televisa at the top of the screen. Every occurrence of a prize-winning combo on the reels takes one heart of health, and when the enemies will lose all three hearts, the player is awarded free spins. Another feature of the machine – the choice of a particular Gladiator, each of which brings additional prize opportunities. So, Wild Kriksus will help to turn ordinary symbols into wild and Gladiator Spartacus responsible for the movements of two random icons on the playing field.

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