Fairy Land slot machine online

The players ' attention appears to be another classic model slots never go out of fashion – Fairy Land slot machine. Unobtrusive graphics, supplemented by a number of the prize opportunities that will help to remain in the win. Fairy Land perfect for new visitors casino Admiral due to the simplicity of the game rules and the availability of a free trial.

Slot machine features Fairy Land

Gameplay Fairy Land is tied to the five reels, the rotating butterflies, snails, chameleons, and other symbols. Each of them is able to bear or pay, any special bonus. For the players the option of betting on a selected number of lines. Their maximum is nine. In the interface there is a rather popular automatic game mode.

Bonuses slot machine Fairy Land

For those who are seeking especially for a thrill, slot machine Fairy Land provided by the gambling. Her motto is all or nothing. After any payment, you can risk your winnings and try to randomly choose a card more suit than the dealer. If successful, the outcome winnings will multiplied by two. Fairy Land famous for its bonus game in which the player assumes the role of guide. And to accompany will have, oddly enough, a frog, which tries to devour the crocodile. Switch her to the other side of the swamp – will receive a cash award. The current winner, while you are not at risk.

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