Slot machine epic (Fairytale) online

The goldfish grants wishes, Baba Yaga invites you to their two-legged hut, and the snow maiden already preparing a nice Christmas gift... Such an abundance of characters from famous Russian fairy tales at the same time you can only find in one place – in slot epics (Fairytale)! And believe me, in this game happen real miracles, entirely justifying its fabulous name! One has only to go in this incredible journey and little to trust to luck, and meetings with life-changing winnings is inevitable!

How to play the slot machine Fairytale

Usually in fairy tales do not happen on the reels, and their heroes do not bet, but slot machine epic turns these traditions upside down. Playing on this online slot, any player to be part of an old Russian fairy tales, which follow each other on the screen. With five reels the usual and traditional keys to control the online machine here has not been canceled, so the game will be as easy as in one of the other classic slots. That's only wins in this game is endowed with a touch of wonder, which became a constant phenomenon, any Russian folk tale.

The bonus game of the slot machine epic

Despite the fairytale theme of the slot machine epic, its bonus features presented with the very real functions that are familiar to most gamblers in our casinos. Video slot an epic in the main game to display various combinations of symbols, one of which is particularly desirable for players. Fallen on 1 and 5 reels of the image with the text Free Games you will win 15 free spins, and every prize winning can be increased. For doubling profits need to consent to the risk game and the right choice of color card suits. Due to the possible loss of a win if the wrong choice you can skip this step.

How to play free slot machine

To meet the Tsarevna-Frog, Ilya Muromets and Goldfish for gamingPTO the machine epic, it is not necessary to immediately embark on a risky game. To get acquainted with more than ten unique characters of this game, its amazing atmosphere and fabulous gaming potential without any fear enables a free mode of the machine. Play a few rounds in demo slots online epic and make sure that the desire to play really is still present in your gambling nature. After that will be much easier to go to a real fairy-tale adventure and the hunt for a real profit.

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