Slot machine game Gladiator (Gladiator) online

A time of bloody Gladiator fights ended a long time ago, but this branch of history is very popular as the representatives of the film industry and the creators of online slots. Slot machine Gladiator, created on motives of the acclaimed film "Gladiator", is filled with atmosphere of Ancient Rome, disturbing rumble arenas the Colosseum and the endless stream of adrenaline. The magnificent design of the machine combined with popular prize options as free spins, wild symbols, and the coefficients increase in pay.

How to play slot machine games Gladiator

Slot Gladiator machine mechanism is represented by five reels. Before the game, you will need to adjust the amount of bet and number of lines which will be profitable combination. In this slot the main part of the symbols are images of real characters from the same movie, as well as card symbols. In addition to the basic symbols on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels you can find wild symbols, represented by an image of gladiatorial masks that will substitute for other symbols to complete a winning combination.

Free spins on the Gladiator slot machine

Feature free spins in the slot machine Gladiator is a great way to win valuable bonuses. To activate it, wait until you see three images of the Colosseum (bonus symbol), and then select one symbol in each of the four ranks represented in the images. This is done in order to find out winning number of spins, the size of the payout ratio, as well as choose additional bonus and wild symbols. All bonuses will help to achieve a solid reward during the free spins.

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