Slot machine Gnome (Gnome)

Welcome to owning a bearded gnome on slot machine Gnome! This miniature character all day poking around in his mountain mine in search of precious stones and gold and ready to teach this tricky craft any player casino Admiral! Spin the reels, get acquainted with a cheerful bearded Gnome and keep the pocket wider, because this gambling the way you expect gold wins!

Double winnings slot machine Leprechaun

Any winning slot machine Gnome can be doubled upon request of the player. This opens the possibility of a feature known slot fans, as the game at risk. Want to get a double win? Choose on the map screen, following your intuition. If its value exceeds the value of the card of the computer to the payment of the last spin added exactly the same amount.

Two bonus rounds in one slot

Gnome slot machine is a unique opportunity to play double bonus game. For this spin, needs to bring at once three mountain trolley, after which the players have to decide what kind of trailers is precious breed and when nobody wants dirt. If you find valuable gems in all five carts, the machine will trigger the second bonus round in which you can get a super-bonus. Guess which of the trunks is hidden real gold, and the monetary reward will be yours!

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