Gold slot machine online Party

Fans of treasure hunts in the vast online casino it's time to rest from the jungle that hide the lost riches of the Aztec, and stop to look at the ancient Egyptian pyramids. We offer you uncover the mystery of the disappearance of foreign exchange funds of the Communist party of the Soviet Union, is not found to this day. Gold Party plunges into the real atmosphere of the Soviet Union and gives a lot of chances to hit the jackpot!

Slot machine features Gold Party

Gameplay Gold Party is based on five reels and 21 lines to bet on. The symbols of the online slot one way or another connected with the Soviet Union, so to bring the payments will be the hammer and sickle, the Kremlin, the Zaporozhets, a Soviet rubles, and the newspaper "Pravda". The most valuable combination of five symbols of the Soviet coat of arms. To increase the number of winning combinations, the game features a wild symbol. Like a Joker in card games, the wild symbol can replace other icons.

Bonuses slot machine Gold Party

This model has a rich bonus features. Once the player has collected a combination of three or more Soviet banknotes, will activate the bonus round. Choose from one of four envelopes to get the win. The chances of winning are quite good, as only one envelope does not contain bonus credits. Sputnik – another bonus symbol Gold Party. He runs an interesting bonus game. Try to run the Soviet satellites as far as possible into space to win the highest reward.

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