Slot machine Golden Planet (Golden planet) online

No one knows how many secrets and unexpected discoveries awaits humanity on the way to the conquest of space. On the background of the set of found answers is still a lot of questions about whether there are other planets inhabited by living beings, etc. Offer to go a bit into the future and find out some answers on their own, because personal starship is always ready to be sent into deep space – slot machine Golden Planet (Golden planet) will allow for intergalactic travel and meet with residents of the Golden planet.

How to play the slot machine Golden Planet

The crew of the ship on the slot machine Golden Planet is already waiting for their commander. Instantly travel the galaxy will run five reels. In this expedition, you'll encounter unusual creatures and, with luck, to earn good money. Reaching the Golden planet, the gain may rise up to 20,000 credits, and at full speed fantastic starship is able to take You to even higher standards of 45,000 coins!

Bonus games - over 15 rounds in a row

For those who prefer not to waste your time on trifles, and you will get huge amount of winnings on the slot machine Golden Planet should hunt for Jupiter. It is this planet in a triple combination begins to spin slots reels for free, while promising to multiply each payment by three! And it will happen within 15 rounds in a row!

Free demo game Golden planet

To go into outer space slot machine Golden planet is possible without a fat wallet, in the format of a demo of the game. It's kind of a free tour of the game, learning simple rules and opens all the possibilities of online slot. And if you want the real galactic achievements, bonus games and the winnings go into the cash game format at any time.

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