Slot machine Iron Man (Iron Man)

People's dreams about the superpowers led to the creation of one of the most iconic comics of our time – the history of Iron Man. But to feel like a Superman, not necessarily to look at the paper edition – to try on bulletproof iron mask and feel the power playing slot machine Iron Man (Iron Man)!

How to play Iron Man

Slot machine Iron Man inspire and causes an acute thirst for cash prizes. But before you get to the business of saving the world and think about the reward, you must perform several actions before the game. Players are given 5 reels with the right choice of the number of active lines, the maximum number of which is equal to 20. After selecting a rate in accordance with your taste and budget, we can safely start to play and earn.

Feature game

Slot machine Iron Man is not just another slot, and now a fantastic adventure thanks to the bonus games. It is here that the opportunity to don the Iron Man suit and fight in a spectacular battle against evil in the bonus round. The player's goal is to destroy enemy missiles. Show their accuracy, and a superhero will be generous cash rewards!

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