Slot 2 Kangaroo (Kangaroo vs. Aliens)

It's time to defend the Earth from intergalactic foes and return it to the inhabitants of the once peaceful and calm life! To take to the militant path will help slot machine 2 Kangaroo (Kangaroo), worthy of adorning our collection of slots for its sumptuous graphics! Don't be surprised that the local earthlings look a bit unusual. Or rather, to save from the aliens will have most of these kangaroos! Although so does it matter who need to be rescued, if it relies a generous handful of valuable coins and dizzying bonuses!

How to play the slot machine Kangaroo

Well, fans of the toon slots, prepare yourself for a unique experience, full of fun spins, surprises and amazing characters! The gameplay in slot machine Kangaroo vs Aliens is watching a hilarious Comedy with the only difference that in the movie, the viewer is not meant to win a tidy sum of money. And in this game more than once you will hear a pleasant hearing the sound of coins embellished with animated effects. On the way to winning online players will meet the representatives of a whole family of kangaroos, one-eyed aliens and their spaceships. Each of these characters will contribute to the replenishment of the game account and will provide a lot of turbulent emotions.


It is worth noting that the kangaroo on this game is not only the main character, but also one of the most important prize symbols, also referred to as scatter. That he is given the role to trigger the bonus spins in the online slot Kangaroo 2. For one, you can get 15 spins – free spins, starting at a rate equal to the size of the last bet made by the player before the free spins. What to do if you won the bonus rounds? There is nothing easier! Enjoy the colorful movements of the reels in anticipation of the awards!

How to play free

Want to play free? Slot machines Kangaroo vs Aliens presented in our casino in two formats. It's realof covered rates and option for information that does not require cost. The last option can be used by anyone who wishes to spin the reels free of charge. Playing for free be sure to wait until the virtual winnings and play the gamble game. Unlike many other online slots here it has a particularly exciting.

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