Slot game Keks (Stoves) online

Russian folk entourage can be found not only in museums and fabulous films, but in the online casino Admiral. This slot machine Keks (Stove) dressed in a cute rustic style, will help players to aspire to victory surrounded by sonorous balalaika, vintage stoves and polished samovar. And bun here too to meet, and even wins will bring. A good grandmother will provide bonuses. In short, Keks is an old tale in a new way, seasoned with passion and generous awards.

How to play the slot machine Cupcake

The colorful design of slot online Stove hides a no less vivid gameplay. To play this online slot machine is like flipping the pages of a book with fairy tales. Only instead of paper sheets and book cover here are the reels and lines for payments. And of course, the opportunity to bet a different size. Having defined these parameters, we can safely dive into this virtual tale with the head, pressing at the start.

How to get a cupcake in the bonus game

Each player who decided to opt for the slot machine Keks, expect not one, but two bonus games. This is another advantage of this slot, distinguishing it among the many online slots. Great effort in the bonus rounds is not required, although a little luck does not hurt. In the first part of the bonus would have to choose the oven that the dish would not win and will open the second stage of the bonus game. Well, then will only find out the location of the bun – and the super-prize will be in your pocket.

How to play free slot machine Keks

Slot game Keks you can play with a test version, then the process will be free. For those who don't know what the gambling feature and online slot Stove yet unknown, the demo mode is perfect for training. Besides, playing for free, it is not necessary to register, but even more so to recharge. The viewsa third of all settings of the gaming machine, a special description that appears when pressing "Help".

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