Online slot machine Kings of Cards

"Wu-a-La,WO-a-La, tomorrow Rob the king!"cheerfully hummed the robbers in the famous cartoon. We propose not to encroach on the Royal property, and become its rightful owner. In other words, become the king of the slot machine Kings of Cards! To riches in this game will be no crown, no treasure, and the classic playing cards that have become symbols of this online slot. Imaginative story intertwined with prize-winning features of the classic machine, because the game promises to be not only interesting, but also profitable!

How to play the slot machine Kings of Cards

The main difference between slot machines Kings of Cards from other slots steel card symbols. If in many games they are in addition to the many other images, here is the basic symbols that provide winnings. The only exception is a handful of gold coins and the image of the Joker card, which provides the most valuable opportunities.

Free bonus games

Instead of a full feature game, the creators of the slot machine Kings of Cards included in the game popular free spins. To play this game would not be so exciting, and not so profitable. Every spin can turn the tide of the game in a good direction, if three slides of gold coins will stay on the screen. In this case, players are provided with 15 free spins in a row, and incomparable triple payments.

Play free game

If the inner voice pushes you to bet on a slot machine, Kings of Cards, but something not to dare to the actual game, always have an escape route. Prior practice in demo mode does not require cash infusions into the account and you'll be able to get acquainted with online slot machine. Then make a choice in favor of this game will be much easier.

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