Slot machine Lucky Haunter (Lucky hunter)

Slot machine Lucky Haunter (Lucky hunter) a unique game for several reasons. First, you can sicken alcoholic beverages, without having become intoxicated. All because of a few glasses of beer or bottles of wine, players will receive the winnings and not the extra "degree". Secondly, the players are provided the chance to play two bonus games that will meet not in each machine. It remains to add to all this a relaxing atmosphere in the cosy pub, and we can begin an exciting game!

How to play The Lucky Hunter

When meeting with the Lucky hunter players don't miss a special ambiance and memorable characters. On the five reels you can find almost all that offer in their menu of popular beer bars. But while her friends spend their salary for another mug of spirits in the real gambling house, gambling fans can turn a drink into a solid jackpot on slot machine Lucky Haunter! Choose lines from 1 to 9 place your bets and spin the reels filled with alcohol, snacks and bonus symbols. It's everything you need to play and win.

Risk-the game to increase winnings

Special odds and a very solid risk famous risk game that allows players to multiply profits in many slots. Slot machine Lucky Haunter she also represented and activated in the event of any winning combinations. One only has to guess which out of beer cans written a number larger than the number on a Bank computer, and the win will increase by two. Fortunate choice deprives payments. But what to do, the risk in this mini-game has not been canceled.

Free bonus games

The fear of losing your winnings in the risk game too large? Therefore, it is necessary to test the bonus game on the slot machine Lucky Haunter, which cannot lose their money. Just have to wait for a particular set of bonus symbols on the screen slot (3, 4 or 5 beer caps), which will launch Bonous. After the first bonus round, the gaming device activates the super bonus, which you can get a long-awaited jackpot.

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