Moorhuhn slot machine

Welcome to fun chicken Kingdom, the entrance to which is possible to carry out only one action – slot game Morkhukhn. Someone the main character slot is already familiar, because he first appeared much earlier in the eponymous computer game. But for those who will meet with feathered Moorhuhn for the first time, the game will be incredibly fun, because not every day you get to hunt clumsy chickens, which, moreover, are Golden eggs!

Free slot game Moorhuhn

Like most online slot machines, casino Admiral, Moorhuhn features a demo version for free games. But even playing online the slot is in the currency format on real money, you can not just get a free win. Slot machine Moorhuhn and for this there is a small game after each successful spin. With its help, players can double their winnings by simply making the right choice. If passion fills your blood, and the risk is not something before what you are staying, be sure to try their chances in the double game.

The winning opportunities of online slot games Moorhuhn

As a "dessert", the creators of the slot game Moorhuhn have prepared the players from two prize options, one of which is a mini-shooter that provide bonus rewards. Importantly, during the bonus game to get the chickens, but not to touch other targets. Another nice online slot are free spins, all payouts during which generously tripled. This is another surefire way to earn more money on slot game Moorhuhn, but at the same time, accumulate a lot of positive emotions.

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