Slot game Pyramid Quest for immortality – new from NetEnt

The theme of Ancient Egypt once again drew the attention of the creators of modern online slots. This time to immerse players in the mysterious atmosphere of the pyramids and the mysteries of the Egyptian rulers decided the NetEnt releasing a slot game Pyramid Quest for immortality. The game is of interest from the first spins reels which contain different number of characters, as well as through a special system of forming the paid combinations of Avalon.

Features of machine Pyramid Quest for immortality

The reels of the slot made in the shape of a pyramid, due to the location a different number of icons on each of them. The Central cylinder holds five symbols on the other reels is four and three symbols. The mechanism of formation of the winnings here are slightly different than the traditional slots as symbols that created a profitable combination, disappear from their seats and in their place appear new. This allows you to get several combinations winning combinations in a row in the same back.

The bonuses on the machine Pyramid Quest for immortality

Each successive winning combination that fell in the same round, will bring the incremented multiplier, making the game more profitable. In addition to this option on the machine Pyramid Quest for immortality there is a wild symbol. It not only replaces other symbols, but also participates in the work of the other prize-winning features: winning combinations will generate wild symbols in the top of the reels that will remain in their seats until, until the terminal gives the paid combinations.

Slot game Pyramid Quest for immortality – new from NetEnt -