Slot machine Queen of Hearts (Queen of Hearts) online

A romantic atmosphere can work wonders, making us much more happy. Perhaps this is the power of the slot machine Queen of Hearts, which from top to bottom is filled with romance and joy particles. If you do not tend to the sentimental sense, it is not necessary to postpone this game to the end of your list. It is better to extract from it 100% of the benefit in the form of winnings and the bonus spins, because it is the main goal of most online players.

How to play the slot machine Queen of Hearts

From year to year, slot machine Queen of Hearts wins the hearts of slots lovers. It wants to play, not because there is some unique quality. Overall, this is a traditional slot machine with five spinning reels, which put a variety of images-symbols in sets of profitable combinations. The main advantage of online slots is its impact – the theoretical payout percentage in this game reaches the 98% that can boast not every product is for online casinos.

Free spins on the slot machine Queen of Hearts

The most favourite bonus players is the set of spins that are often found in online slots including and slot machine Hearts. Just one lucky spin can award a couple of dozen spins in of any player. The chance to receive this bonus does not depend on the bet size and character of the blonde Queen. His threefold appearance in the same the back will bring players 8 free spins. Four or five bonus symbols will provide for 15 or 20 free spins. In each series of free spins you may receive a special bonus that is triggered randomly and increase the profitability of the game.

How to play free slot machine Queen of Hearts

How to play the online machine Queen of Hearts, we already understood, it remains only to secure the simple knowledge with a small workout. This can be done for free, which provides demo version of this novelKorea game. To spin the reels without looking at your wallet are almost always fun. Well, if you are a beginner you do not consider and test mode slot you're not interested, good luck in the game for real funds.

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