Resident slot machine (Resident) online

For those who like spies, secret assignments and dangerous adventures, club-casino Admiral offers Resident slot machine. Simple to use, colorful and fun, it will help each player to briefly feel like a James bond who saves humanity and gets it large fees.

How to play Resident slot machine

Before the game is activated of the nine required number of rows and spinning. The drums are all spy paraphernalia – the gun, the x-files, fire extinguishers and even a gas mask. Prize-winning few matches, they are all three images in combination. Gold medal, which is awarded to the most brave and courageous secret agents, with the appearance on the screen particularly please player. If the prize line has dropped from five such awards, the bet amount will be multiplied by 5000.

Bonus and gambling Resident

The second name slot machine, Safes, and for good reason. When on the playing field coincided with three icons with these characters, the gamer goes to the bonus round, where he will open the safe and avoid the bombs. If successful the player is awarded prizes that you want to decrypt. If this part of the lesson our secret spy will perform with success, then in the final part of the bonus period, he will be able to save charming beauty, and get a significant reward. The fearless are invited to try their luck in a card game at risk as a result of either all the winnings for the game are multiplied by two, or disappear altogether.

Free game arcade emulator

A real agent will never start the job unprepared. To learn the rules slots and think of all the actions a player can online casino Admiral run a free test version of the slot, and then open an account, make a Deposit and go to the adventurous adventure that is sure to bring unprecedented rewards.

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