Slot machine Roller Coaster

If the Ferris wheel makes you shiver in knees, to say nothing about the crazy trips on a roller coaster. But to plunge into the extravaganza of wild delight and unforgettable impressions at an amusement Park you can not overcome your fear of heights or furious speed. Slot machine Roller Coaster in a matter of seconds surround you with lots of fun, as beloved children, and many adults, and will help to turn a bright carousel and rides into a source of income!

How to play the slot machine Roller Coaster

Slot machine Roller Coaster based on a five reel mechanism which is common for most online slots. We need only to make a bet and spin the reels as they whirl colorful characters in a whirlwind of gambling. Play this slot machine can be in automatic mode, which need only to click on the Autostart key.

Bonus games

In addition to the bonus game to double winnings slot machine Roller Coaster can spin the reels for free, you only catch on the first and third reels two special symbols. The first of these should show the red car and the second Ferris wheel, which is no amusement Park. Wait for this combination and the slot machine will trigger the bonus spins, giving another chance at profitable the game.

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