Slot machine Sizzling Hot Quatro

Slot machine Sizzling Hot Quatro is a clear reflection of the well-known phrase that all new is well forgotten old. One of the most popular online versions of the first land-based slot machines has an updated shell and improved mechanism of the four sets of reels, providing fans of the brand new slots game experience! Play Sizzling Hot Quatro and win four times!

The variety of game options

"Highlight" Sizzling Hot Quatro was the variety of games. In this game you can play as in a normal slot, using only one set of five reels. And you can run two, three or all four mini-screen and win much more!

The bonus game Sizzling Hot Quatro

If one of the gaming displays of the slot machine Sizzling Hot Quatro formed the scoring, it can be credited to your account, and you can take a chance, try to increase your income. This opportunity is presented in a classic doubling game, which in this slot is the only prize game.

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