Slot machine Sizzling Hot (Compote) online

Slot machine Sizzling Hot (Compote) – one of the first slots online casino, the design of which was made in the image of outdoor gaming machines. A fairly long lifetime in the online gambling and familiar to many the appearance of the characters made this game a coveted fame and popularity. And even today, when online casinos crowded three-dimensional slots and other unique games products, many players are not averse to revive old and play old-fashioned online slot Compote.

How to play the slot machine Sizzling Hot

You can control the game options reel and options of the slot machine Sizzling Hot allows the traditional set of keys located on the bottom panel. Only need couple of clicks to run a dynamic game process and play at your pleasure. To monitor the preparation of combinations, of course, interesting, but not necessarily as a gaming machine must notify about the new win bright sound and a special allocation of symbols on the screen.

Game on doubling bets

With the first win of the gaming machine Compote before the player will stand a very difficult choice: to continue the rotation of the drum or to decide on the double game. The catch is that a doubling of the already obtained winnings preceded by considerable risk of losing him. Win a double amount will help correct the color of the card. The opposite option will be deprived of the player payments. What to do in this case, you will have to decide for themselves relying on their intuition.

Free game in gaming machine Compote

Many players only comprehend all the mysteries of gambling, risk and luck in online casino, start your way with free training versions of slot machines. This Compote is similar to a demo mode that simulates the real online slot machine without having to register and make deposits.

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