Slot machine Slotopol Deluxe (Deluxe Slotopol)

Meet the updated slot machine Slotopol Deluxe (Deluxe Slotopol) - equally attractive as the first version of this online slot, and no less unique! In this game there is a lot more beneficial features than the classic online machines, it here you can not only spin the reels, but also to spin the wheel of Fortune to play in a separate bonus game! Such a variety of chances of winning are already appreciated by fans Slotopol Deluxe, which is almost everyone, who runs this online slot machine.

How to play the slot machine Slotopol Deluxe

Game Slotopol Deluxe mechanism does not differ from slot machine Slotopol and is limited to five spinning reels and the ability to change the number of active lines from 1 to 21. In the process of the game is not to lose sight of the special character "E", which has the properties of wild-and. All wins, which takes a character "E" tempting double.

Bonus game Slot-o-pol

As mentioned in the beginning, the slot machine Slotopol Deluxe can not only twist to the usual drums, but also to play a whole Board game with game cells, chip, and playing dice. Seven of moves available to the player in a given round, you can win a generous bonus increase. The main thing is to get to the gaming cells, some of which will bring additional speed, and some odds. This starts the bonus round in the base game when a combination of five images of the dice.

How to win the bonus game in Slotopol Deluxe

Almost any bonus game automatic slotopol Deluxe is activated with a certain combination. So, the risk game can be run with any winning combination, and one of the bonus games – with the help of a combination of certain symbols. For example, a bonus round of "Wheel of Fortune" you can win if you hit three of the special symbols "Spin". The opportunity to spin the wheel of Fortune will bring additional prizes in the form of multipliers betting.

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