Slot machine Space Corsairs (Space Pirates)

The good old pirates exchanged the sea to outer space in hope to get riches from distant Galaxies. On Board the spacecraft there is still a place that awaits the reckless and impatient player. You only run slot machine Space Corsairs to go straight into the space with a harsh command of captain in pursuit of the unknown adventures and cosmic wins!

Space Corsairs - space winnings in casino Admiral

Who wouldn't want to fill their pockets with gold coins and enjoy plenty of the rarest of life's moments? Slot machine Space Corsairs is possible to carry out these desires from the comfort of home! Graphical shell of the slot created is so realistic that after a few minutes of the game you will plunge into the open space and will feel the main hero of the Universe. To safely handle the management of this space ship to defeat all opponents and to fly to the Galaxy wins!

The bonus round on the slot machine Space Pirates

Slot machine Space Corsairs you will find a real dedication to the Space Pirates in the bonus round. Collect a lot of passion and desire to withstand setbacks together to repel the alien enemies and clear the space for further journey. Skillful management of the space ship and defeat all enemies in the bonus game will be awarded handsome cash bonus.

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