Slot machine Venetian Carnaval (Carnival of Venice) online

In the atmosphere of a Grand festival to get the win is especially nice. How to create a mood in the online casino Admiral? Slot machine Venetian Carnaval bright holiday comes to your door! Surround yourself with manifold colors of the Venetian carnival, his mysterious masks and fun guests! Just a few spins of the reels will take you to the ancient Italian streets and remind us that fun, the Venetians were able to before today! With such a festive attitude it just can't present you with a few generous surprises!

How to play the slot machine Venetian Carnival

So, what awaits the seekers of the winning combinations on the way to old Venice slot machine Venetian Carnaval? In this game the unique atmosphere of the holiday intertwined with the classic game mechanism consisting of five reels and nine lines. It offers players not only the usual symbols are paid according to the gaming table, but several icons, have bonus potential. Among them are wild-s or the replacement character, as well as scatters, hiding a magnificent bonus rounds. Place your bets, press the start and let the reels whirl the dance of excitement, of celebration and worthy of awards!

The bonus game of the slot machine Venetian Carnaval

Not surprisingly, the main symbol of the slot machine Venetian Carnaval the creators of the game made the mask an essential attribute of the most famous Venetian celebrations and a symbol of the bonus for online players. Try to wait until at least three outlandish masks in the same spin and the slot machine will reward you for your patience. In this case, the reels will spin for free for ten rounds and all wins that occur during free spins, nice to replenish the account.

How to play free slot machine

A lot of beginners at our casino have questions on how to play the slot machine Venetian Carnaval. Not Wflax immediately to indulge in the risky wilds of the real game to learn all the features of this slot. Start with a free mode in which all your questions are answered. Here you can test yourself on luck in the gambling feature, to catch a few wild symbols and sure that they are not redundant in this game and to see how the main bonus option.

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