Slot machine Werewolf Wild, the game from Aristocrat

Slot machine Werewolf Wild complements the dark rows of slots dedicated to werewolves, vampires and other creatures of the night. The design of the slot seemed enveloped by the gloom, at the same time the light wins all around sparkling with joy. Want 1000 times to increase the bet or you can win up to 28 free spins? Then start the machine Werewolf Wild casino Admiral and enjoy the exciting game!

How to play the slot machine Werewolf Wild

Slot machine, like most modern slots offers five reels with 25 lines to generate payments. A winning combination here form the characters representing the police, coins, lanterns, werewolves, card suits, and others, moreover, any winnings the player may be doubled in the case of consent to take the risk. In Werewolf Wild this option is called "Gamble": choosing the right color of the hole card to double winnings, an incorrect answer will result in loss of payment.

The bonuses on the machine Werewolf Wild

One of the top properties assigned to the symbol "Werewolf". It acts as a wild symbol and at the same time brings the maximum payout of the machine Werewolf Wild. Another bonus icon became a werewolf, howling at the moon. This scatter combinations which run from 7 to 28 free spins. Players will also appreciate a special option Claw Swipe, which turns up to 5 symbols into wild. It can trigger randomly during any spin.

Slot machine Werewolf Wild, the game from Aristocrat -