Slot machine Wild Hunter (Wild Hunter)

Wild Hunter is one of the most spectacular slot machines with inimitable three-dimensional graphics, which invites players on a wild hunt. And no one other than Indians who know a lot about this craft. In case of successful hunting in the desert Prairie West of each player expect great bonuses in the form of free spins, the special symbols and doubling round.

Wild Hunter - how to play online

Slot machine Wild Hunter lets you play and extract from this process a good profit by forming winning combinations of symbols. All winning images are on the five reels that stop at the end of each spin, after which it becomes clear whether the round is profitable. In the case of special characters you can expect not only traditional benefits, but also the bonus awards.

Free bonus game Wild Hunter

One of the favorite prize features many online players in the slot machine Wild Hunter are the free spins, during which it is not necessary to spend your money, but you can get a good sum. For one prize spins in this game provides 10 free spins. All you need to start is a combination of two characters "Tomahawk" and "Buffalo." Catch the bonus combination, to find the most generous winnings slots.

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