The battle casino (Сasinowar) online

Battle casino like fast food from the world of gambling. It is outrageously simple, so both beginners and professionals are here on an equal footing, win in it is as real as losing. It adds a nice special flavor to the game. You can spend a few rapid games in the online casino Admiral, to understand how much interest you will battle the casino.

You have to fight to victory

The essence of the game is that you bet and the computer gives you your cards. After that, if your card is greater than the dealer's card, you win and less if you lose. If the cards you and the dealer have the same value, it is possible to win by increasing the bet, or give up, having half of your bet. In addition, there is always the opportunity to put on a tie and get played bet good money that it's hard to win without feeling risk.

Сasinowar from the Admiral

Online casino Admiral offers a plunge into the fast pace of this game, thanks to good graphics and atmosphere, which is created by design, contains many small details. You will feel the sound of the cloth, you will see the cigarette smoke and hear the voices of sitting next to people. Even at home, at the computer, you will definitely imbued with the rhythm of a gambling institution.

Beginners and professionals who are in a battle casino just to spend the time, you can always use the demo mode which requires no investments. After you play a few games and feel that fortune is on your side, you can always play for real money, which can significantly increase the thickness of your wallet. As the battle casino loves lucky and risky players, the lucky ones take a lot of money, leaving each round winner.

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