New year expedition from Admiral

New year expedition from Admiral

The North pole is a popular tourist destination among the rich. The trip there costs more adventurous in the amount of from 27 to 45 thousand dollars. What these figures? You see, the delivery service mistakenly sent a new year gifts for our players on the North pole. Therefore, we invite you to take part in an exciting expedition. Embark on one of the most mysterious corners of our planet, find your gifts and come back rich!

The expedition includes three phases. Each of them are bonuses, cash and jackpots. Tournament with a dynamic prize Fund - completed. The Bank was 655 545 rubles. The competition was held with 11 to 17 December inclusively. 25 winners shared the prize money among themselves, and the three leaders took the following prizes:

1st place – 131 109 rubles + iPhone 8 plus 256 gb
2nd place – 98 331 rubles
3rd place – 65 554 rubles

The second phase of the campaign with three bonuses, will be held from 18 to 24 December. In it, participants will be able to get the three maximum cash bonus of 10 000, 30 000, 60 000 roubles for the minimum amount of Deposit is from 5 000, 15 000 and 30 000 respectively. In other words, the maximum amount of three bonuses – 100 000 rubles!

The third stage is a lottery! It will be held from 25 to 31 Dec. The prize Fund is 1 500 000 rubles. But he is something else! As the Christmas lottery, and we know that the New year all dreams come true, and prizes will also be Christmas and very desirable. Judge for yourselves...

Lottery winners will receive the following prizes:

1st place – 500 000 + Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 4.8
2nd place – 300 000 RUB + ticket to Tunisia, Monastir, port El Kantaoui, 1 line in 2 5*
3rd place – 200 000 + MacBook pro 2017
6 and 7 100 000 rubles
8 and 9 place for 50 000 rubles
20 prizes of 5000 rubles'
40 prizes of 2500 rubles