Card roulette (Card Roulette) online

Card roulette has the usual wheels, but it's just so you can showcase your analytical talent and to curb the rebellious Luck betting on the suits and values of playing cards! As the casino Admiral are always happy to help quickly learn the rules of any strange games that you can play Card Roulette for free in the test version of the online roulette.

More sectors for betting

The lack of the wheel in card roulette is compensated by the diversity of sectors on which bets are made. In this game of online roulette can be bet on each of the 52 playing cards, a Joker, a red/black Joker for each suit individually, or on red/black, odd/even cards, all card or by sectors corresponding to the groups of several cards.

All basic actions in card roulette online are operated using a few buttons. The game interface is in Russian language that allows you to select the desired key without difficulty. Add the gameplay more entertainment with the help of the indicator on/off animation.

The risk for the sake of victory

Card Roulette will be a good entertainment for those who are able to risk for victory is perseverance. As in most of roulette, in this game, most importantly to estimate the probability of success, and then to correlate it with the paid ratio. The ability to calculate the possibility of winning will necessarily lead to the coveted victory.

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