Video poker Aces and Faces online

Aces and Faces is a variation of poker, which increases the number of winning combinations. It attracts beginners who have a greater chance to win, and professionals, who can now seek to collect much more favorable combination than previously provided. Online casino Admiral, thanks to Aces and Faces, appeared much more do the rich players who can play poker.

What's new in Aces and Faces

Overall, Aces and Faces is a little different from regular poker, but here are the combinations, which bring a large amount to the purse of the man who collects them. If you collect four aces and any card, any four cards from Jack to ACE, your winnings will increase. But do not think that it should save only the major cards, even if you collect four sheets of from two to ten, you will still get more than if played in regular poker. Such nice additions to the combinations allow you to win more often.

Beginners everywhere in our way

The computer is always ready to help the rookies, highlight cards that should not be changed. To listen or not to listen to the computer case individually, but if you still are not familiar how to play, then this feature will be very useful. A table of combinations is always at hand if you doubt, did you collect everything you need. Playing in an online casino Admiral in demo mode, you quickly and not spending their money will be able to understand the essence of the game, and then putting real money to earn as much as the residents of our portal. Playing without money, many users immediately after training becomes much richer, going out on the playing field have been taught the game experience for virtual credits. Play along with professionals, not afraid to lose.

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